May 2011 QASIG Meeting

Testing in Production: Your Key to Engaging Customers

Presented by: Seth Eliot, Senior Test Manager at Microsoft, Bing

Feature lists do not drive customer attachment; meeting key needs does. Learn how Testing in Production (TiP) works synergistically with customer scenarios to put real product in front of real users in their own environment to get direct, actionable feedback from users and uncover features that meet their key needs. TiP also allows us to quantify the impact of these features which is crucial since evidence shows that more than half of the ideas that we think will improve the user experience actually fail to do so-and some actually make it worse.

Learn about tools and techniques like Online Experimentation, Data Mining, and Exposure Control that you can use to Test in Production (TiP) to get direct, actionable feedback from real users and learn what works and what doesn’t. Of course production can be a dangerous place to test, so these techniques must also limit any potential negative impact on users. Hear several examples from within Microsoft, as well as, and others to show how Testing in Production with real users will enable you to realize the better software quality.

About our speaker: Seth Eliot is Senior Test Manager at Microsoft where his team solves Exabyte storage and data processing challenges for Bing. Previously he was Test Manager for the Microsoft Experimentation Platform ( which enables developers to innovate by testing new ideas quickly with real users “in production”. Testing in Production (TiP), software processes, cloud computing, and other topics are ruminated upon at Seth’s blog at Prior to Microsoft, Seth applied his experience at delivering high quality software services at where he led the Digital QA team to release Amazon MP3 download, Amazon Video on Demand Streaming, and support systems for Kindle.

Presentation Slide Deck: Testing in Production

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