January 2012 QASIG Meeting

Pairing Developers with Non-Developers

Presented by: Lanette Creamer, Independent Software Testing Consulting and Coach

Pairing in the world of software development traditionally brings up an image of two developers working together in person, creating code at the same time. This practice is often used by agile teams and teams doing extreme programming. Many teams currently may pair coding testers with coders who are working on product development. The vocabulary gap is much smaller when everything is in the same language, code, but what happens when the business needs aren’t understood or well communicated? In the last three years, Lanette has been working with software testers, experimenting on the fringes of pairing. Come learn some ways to pair programmers with non-programmers at specific strategic times for the purpose of more collaboration and efficiency. Learn how handoffs, bug demos, and psuedo code can offer new types of pairing, and tips for making them practical rather than mandated.

About our speaker:

Lanette Creamer is an independent software testing consultant and coach from Seattle, WA. Known in the blogging community as TestyRedhead, her blog can be found at https://blog.testyredhead.com/. Her presentations are known for being candid, including cat photos, and being focused on the human side of software testing. Recently focused on Agile Testing and Pairing with Developers, in the past her papers and presentations have focused on combining automated checks with exploratory charters, and group collaborative testing techniques.

Pairing Presentation Slide Deck: PairingWDevelopers_QASIGJan11

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