November 2021 QASIG Meeting – Carlos Fontenot, Communicating Effectively in Distributed Environments

*Please note – this is a partial recording. The full slide deck is available below.

November QASIG – Communicating Effectively in a Distributed Environment
Presented by Carlos Fontenot

Carlos’ Slide Deck

Carlos’ LinkedIn Profile

We were excited to welcome Carlos Fontenot, Development Manager with CommerceHub with a deep background in Test. Carlos shared an experience report on some of the most powerful lessons learned on the journey to communicate effectively and manage professional relationships – especially when colleagues can’t all sit together and interact in person.

The lack of investment in these areas can affect how a person or team is perceived. Your perception (whether true or not) is your reality until that perception is changed. To keep your career moving forward it is vitally important to understand how you are perceived and manage that perception.

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