March 2022 QASIG: AIRSHIP Drone Platform And Quality Testing With Ben Berry

Presentation Abstract

Ben Berry, CEO of AirShip Technologies Group, discusses the development of Multifunctional Advanced Structural Concepts (MASC) for Future Vertical Lift (FVL) platforms. Ben will discuss quality testing for the AIRSHIP VX-5 High-Speed VTOL air vehicle. Current rotorcrafts lack the weight efficiency to enable the desired performance from FVL platforms, such as speed, range, endurance, payload capacity, and availability. AirShip Technologies Group’s MASC vehicle is researching and developing innovative, durable, fatigue-resistant, damage tolerant, and weight-optimized structural concepts applicable to rotorcraft structures.

The R&D work inspires the novel technology aspects and quantifies the benefits over an innovative air vehicle baseline for the following objectives:

* Parasitic Weight. Optimizing the VX-5 parasitic drag includes the displacement of the air by the VX-5, turbulence generated in the airstream, or a hindrance of air moving over the surface of the air vehicle, its lateral propulsion enclosures, and the airfoil.

* Structural Efficiency. AIRSHIP will identify how the AIRSHIP VX-5 achieves a low structural weight as illustrated by estimates of large decreases in aircraft gross weight and size made possible by conscientious weight savings in the air vehicle’s structural design.

* Structural Component Development. AIRSHIP will identify the structural integrity of the AIRSHIP VX-5 and describe a process to establish, evaluate, and substantiate the structural integrity—airframe strength, rigidity, damage tolerance, and durability of the air vehicle.

About our speaker:

Serving as a strategic technology leader, Ben Berry is a professional with performance-based leadership and knowledge of diverse private and public sector business and technology systems. He is the Executive Vice President of Information Technology and CIO for the Federal Government’s Bonneville Power Administration. The power generated on BPA’s electric grid is sold to public utilities, private utilities, and industry on the grid.

Mr. Berry is the Aerospace Entrepreneurial CEO and Chief Digital Officer for AirShip Technologies Group’s AirShip Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and StingerMAV MicroIntelligence for clean tech, long flight endurance drones. He has held various senior leadership technology positions serving the Royal Saudi Air Force, Kingdom of Saudi Arabian International Airports, and Hughes Aircraft Company (Corporate & Space and Communications). Currently, he serves as a U.S. Air Force Honorary Commander for the U.S. Air Force 142nd Fighter Wing, one of two “Ready Alert Bases” that protect the entire West Coast of the United States of America and Canada as part of NORAD.

His current and prior Board of Director work includes:

Central City Concern

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

ScoutsBSA, Cascade Pacific Council

iUrban Teen Technology (Executive Management Board)

Oregon State University, School of Business

Portland State University, Board of Trustee, Co-Vice Chair

The University of Portland, Operations & Technology Management (previous Board Chair)

LifeWorks NW (previous Board Chair)

St. Andrew Nativity School (previous Board Chair)

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