May QASIG: Quagileology: Where Quality, Agile, and Psychology Meet

In this video you’ll discover the secrets behind successful Agile adoption as Blake shares his wealth of experience in leading QA teams across diverse industries. From healthcare to credit and hospitality, Blake has spearheaded Agile transformations with finesse, and he’s here to share his insights with you.

In this lively discussion, we’ll unravel the mysteries of Quagileology and uncover the keys to Agile success. From prioritizing quality to fostering transparent communication and measuring meaningful metrics, you’ll gain practical takeaways to supercharge your Agile journey.

Key Takeaways:

Quality is a Row, Not a Column: Explore the importance of prioritizing quality in Agile development.

Communication (Transparency) is Key: Learn how transparent communication can drive collaboration and success.

Measure Metrics that Matter: Discover how to identify and leverage meaningful metrics to fuel continuous improvement.

Watch the video to peek in on the captivating conversation and elevate your Agile practices to new heights.

About our presenters:

Jon Bach, QASIG Host – Jon has more than two decades of software quality project experience as a tester, test manager, test consultant, and test director, which he has used to help companies make sure it’s marketing efforts are thoughtful and relevant. He has an energetic and practical style, and he is known to many eBay customers as “Jon the Bug Hunter.” Jon can be reached at

Blake Hill – With over 20 years of experience as a senior IT leader, Blake is passionate about improving quality assurance and operational efficiency across organizations. As the Director of Quality Assurance/DevOps & Agile Transformation at AccentCare, Inc., Blake leads the product and information technology teams to adopt Agile/Scrum methodologies and best practices, resulting in increased velocity, reduced defects, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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