Open post Herding Cats - QASIG September 2021

September 2021 QASIG Meeting – Joy Shafer, Herding Cats

Slide Deck: HerdingCats_Sept2021 Tech people have a reputation as being Introverted, sensitive, neurotic, quirky, and difficult to manage. These same people are usually highly intelligent, analytical, creative, innovative, and have a strong work ethic. Both of these descriptions are generalities of course and may not reflect reality at all, nevertheless, managing technical people is sometimes...

January 2018 QASIG Meeting

Adventures in Modern Testing Presented by: Alan Page, Director of Quality for Services at Unity Technologies Alan’s Slide Deck Software testing has always been changing and evolving; but the changes, advancements, improvements, and shifts in the last few years feel much bigger to many of us.Depending on your context, these changes may be massive – or they […]
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