November 2021 QASIG Meeting – Carlos Fontenot, Communicating Effectively in Distributed Environments

*Please note – this is a partial recording. The full slide deck is available below. November QASIG – Communicating Effectively in a Distributed EnvironmentPresented by Carlos Fontenot Carlos’ Slide Deck Carlos’ LinkedIn Profile We were excited to welcome Carlos Fontenot, Development Manager with CommerceHub with a deep background in Test. Carlos shared an experience report...

Open post Herding Cats - QASIG September 2021

September 2021 QASIG Meeting – Joy Shafer, Herding Cats

Slide Deck: HerdingCats_Sept2021 Tech people have a reputation as being Introverted, sensitive, neurotic, quirky, and difficult to manage. These same people are usually highly intelligent, analytical, creative, innovative, and have a strong work ethic. Both of these descriptions are generalities of course and may not reflect reality at all, nevertheless, managing technical people is sometimes...

May 2021 Virtual QASIG: Exploratory Test Automation

“Exploratory Test Automation” (ETA) may sound strange or even self-contradictory, but the idea is not new. In fact, if you have ever used a fuzzer or a ‘monkey’ program to type in random strings looking for crashes in an application, you were using a type of exploratory test automation. In the past 20 years, ETA...

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