September 2010 QASIG Meeting

Beyond Six Sigma: Agile/Lean/Scrum/Xp/Kanban for physical manufacturing – building a 100 MPG road car in 3 months Presented by Joe Justice, a Seattle area lean software consultant and entrepreneur. Our September speaker, Joe Justice, presented an experience report about Taking on the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize using Lean software techniques – this report included how […]

July 2010 QASIG Meeting

Lightning Talks Presented by 8-10 of your fellow QASIG participants The format was the “lightning talk” where each of the speakers knew that they only had five minutes to present their idea (one at a time). Each speaker had a severely limited time-frame, but could speak about anything related to testing in that time – a […]

May 2010 QASIG Meeting

Presented by Jim Benson, CEO of Modus Cooperandi What is QA? When we seek Quality, we are looking for something more than “Does it break if I do this?” We are looking for improvement, for ascendancy, for something better. Scripts, exploration, observation. We look for patterns, we look for exceptions, we look for jarring transitions. In Personal […]

March 2010 QASIG Meeting

Reducing Test Case Bloat Presented by Lanette Creamer We may think we are ready to move onto new and innovative features. However, if we do not deal with the past, it can easily come back to haunt, slowing down new projects, and robbing our testing time unexpectedly, often to the point that testing becomes the […]

January 2010 QASIG Meeting

Presented by Detective Brian Stampfl Detective Stampfl from the Seattle CSI unit will be joining us to discuss the business of Crime Scene Investigation – a discipline not unlike bug investigation, with processes often used in software testing. We’ll talk about parallels and get some insight into what Crime Scene Investigation is really like, straight […]
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